Hermes Yachting & Sailsense
Hermes Yachting & Sailsense

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Hermes Yachting

Hermes Yachting takes a giant leap towards intelligent boating 
Entire fleet to be equipped with Sailsense’s innovative smart boating assistant technology

Greece based boat rental company Hermes Yachting partners up with Belgian tech-company Sailsense Analytics. Together, they will equip 46 Hermes Yachting boats with Sailsense’s smart boating assistant technology. From 2020 onwards, every sailor renting a boat from Hermes Yachting will get access to real-time navigation advice as well as boat management tips on his smartphone. In addition to improving the safety of the people on board, this new system will allow digitalizing the traditional, time-consuming check-in & check-out process.

The innovation-driven partnership will bring great value to Hermes Yachting company and its customers, as the Task Management tool will help to better anticipate boat maintenance, keep an eye on their boats in real-time and prolong great boat conditions. The whole package will guarantee a better experience to their customers throughout their journey by generating an improved safety, convenience, and satisfaction.

Partnership based on innovation and trust

Hermes Yachting decided to enter the innovation-driven community by trusting their fleet to Sailsense, a company who aims to make boating easier, safer, and more accessible to all sailing enthusiasts through digitalization: “We believe that the crucial part of being successful in business is investing in innovative, new services for our customers. Our partnership with Sailsense Analytics helps us to deliver great customer support and service before, during, and after their holidays.” – Timi Tsarouchas, CEO of Hermes Yachting.

Sailsense Analytics is glad to announce their partnership with Hermes Yachting: “At the end of last summer we’ve launched a mobile application to help sailors navigate more safely and we are glad that Hermes Yachting saw the potential and different possibilities of our product and put their trust in us by choosing our services. We believe that our long-term partnership opens a door for the integration of innovative solutions regarding boat monitoring and we consider this partnership a big step towards successful boat digitization.” – Yannick Vereerstraeten, Co-founder of Sailsense Analytics.

About Sailsense Analytics

With several hundreds of boats equipped around the world, Sailsense Analytics is at the forefront of boat intelligent monitoring and predictive maintenance today. By making the data useful and clear, their significant investments in this groundbreaking field position them as a key potential leader in embedded technologies.

About Hermes Yachting

Boat rental company Hermes Yachting, successfully operating for more than a decade offers a complete experience with their 46 yachts, their own mechanics, skippers, and technicians. The company offers high standards, professional care, and safety.





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