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Hermes Yachting Embarks on a New Voyage with Floatist: Revolutionizing Yacht Charters

Hermes Yachting is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Floatist, the leading innovator in yacht charter and fleet management technology. This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing unparalleled services and experiences to our clients. By integrating Floatist’s comprehensive platform into our operations, we are set to redefine the standards of luxury yachting.

With Floatist’s cutting-edge technology, Hermes Yachting’s entire fleet will be transformed into smart, connected vessels, offering real-time data on navigation, maintenance, and fleet management directly to our clients’ fingertips. This collaboration not only enhances the safety and efficiency of our operations but also enriches the yachting experience for our customers through customized apps, streamlined booking processes, and interactive equipment guides.

The partnership between Hermes Yachting and Floatist is built on a shared vision of innovation, excellence, and trust. By leveraging Floatist’s expertise in digital solutions, we are equipping our fleet with the tools needed to anticipate maintenance needs, monitor our yachts in real-time, and ensure they remain in pristine condition. This proactive approach guarantees an elevated and worry-free experience for our clients, enhancing their journey with increased safety, convenience, and satisfaction.

About Floatist

Floatist is at the forefront of revolutionizing yacht charter operations through its advanced digital platform. Specializing in fleet management, customer engagement, and maintenance optimization, Floatist’s solutions are designed to enhance the efficiency and experience of yacht charters worldwide.

About Hermes Yachting

Boat rental company Hermes Yachting, successfully operating for more than 18 years, offers a complete experience with their 18 yachts, their own mechanics, skippers, and technicians. The company offers high standards, professional care, and safety.

Mobile check-in and check-out

Innovative, completely customizable mobile check-in flow for you and us. When the boat is ready, you do a detailed pre-check guided by the app.

Once done, we receive your submitted list, and only needs to discuss any unclear, important, or missing items, saving time, while at the same time giving you the much wanted independence of doing the check-in in your own time.

Handle paperwork before arrival through the Floatist Charter Client app

You can access the app through a link, there is no need to download the app. Provide you the flexibility to fill in all required details through the app.

Enables to

  • Fill in the crew list and upload your license
  • Sign and view the rental agreement
  • Study all equipment information before arrival
  • Have all equipment information at hand during charter



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