‘Anyma’ Joins Our Fleet! Experience the Charm of the Hanse 418!

New Arrival

Hanse 418 "Anyma" is here!

We are excited to share the fantastic news of ‘Anyma’ joining our fleet, the remarkable Hanse 418, now gracing the docks at Lavrion Olympic Marine. This marks the beginning of a journey replete with peaceful and continuous exploration. The Hanse 418, with its sophisticated design and cutting-edge features, is perfectly suited to elevate your sailing experience. It boasts a roomy and opulent environment, thoughtfully designed for your utmost comfort and enjoyment.

With its user-friendly rigging and agile steering, the Hanse 418 makes navigating through demanding waters a breeze. Its notable speed and efficiency allow for quick and extensive voyages. The true essence of the Hanse 418, however, is in its ability to offer a homely and inviting atmosphere at sea. Its ample space for relaxation, dining, and sleeping ensures a cozy and familiar feel. Outfitted with the latest amenities and high-tech equipment, this yacht guarantees a delightful and luxurious sailing experience.

For those in pursuit of adventure, the Hanse 418 ‘Anyma’ is an ideal choice, ready to unveil the marvels of the open waters. Welcome aboard for a memorable and extraordinary sailing adventure!





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