Routes - Rhodos 1 week

Rhodos 1 week

The Dodecanese Islands. Rhodos 1 week Itinerary

Dodecanese refers to the islands and islets between Samos, Crete and the coast of Asia Minor. The Dodecanese is comprised of the following islands: Rhodes, Kos, Kalymnos, Karpathos, Leros, Symi, Patmos, Astypalea, Nissyros, Kassos, Telos, Lipsoi, Halki, Kastelorizo, Agathonissi. The prefecture of Dodecanese is on the south-eastern part of the Aegean Sea and it is comprised in fact of many more islands, islets and rocky islets than it’s name suggests (Dodercanese= twelve islands), more specifically, there are no less than 163 islands, of which only 18 are populated! Most of them are across the Turkish coast. Their history can be traced back in the depths of time, while they also feature an endless natural beauty and a particular culture. They have become famous across the world and every summer, thousands of loyal vacationers arrive here from all over the world to enjoy the small heavens of the Aegean Sea.

  • Mandraki (Rhodos ) - Simi 23 n.m.
  • Simi - Nisiros 32 n.m.
  • Nisiros - Kos 21 n.m.
  • Kos - Tilos 35 n.m.
  • Tilos - Halki 14 n.m.
  • Halki - Mandraki (Rhodos) 37 n.m.

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