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1. How is a charter yacht different from a cruise ship or seaside resort?

Chartering a private yacht offers you the ultimate in comfort, privacy and flexibility. The boat and crew are dedicated only to you and your quests from the moment you board. With a private yacht you can simply anchor at more secluded spots and sail into serene, pine-clad bays, find sandy beaches that are accessible only by boat. However, it is also possible to visit the more popular, mainstream islands. With a private yacht, you can see at least one different island every day.

2. How do I book?

Choose the area and type of yacht you prefer, along with your dates and contact us. We will reply to your request within 24 hours after receiving your e-mail/fax, quoting you available yachts and prices.

When you have received our quotation and offer, you can either confirm the booking or request an option.

Options can be held for a maximum of one week. Should it be necessary to extend the option, please contact us and we will try to extend it.

Confirm the charter as requested. We shall reconfirm your booking by E-mail/Fax.

The contracts have to be signed and returned to us with the exception of your copy, together with the requested down payment. Along with the charter agreement you should send to us a complete passagers list with all passport numbers..

You should also send us your arrival details in time.

3. How and when should I pay?

* The first payment of the total charter amount is paid upon signing the Charter Agreement.

* The restpayment together with the corresponding VAT & the APA amount are paid 30 days prior to embarkation.

* For LATE bookings the total cost of the charter, together with the corresponding VAT and the APA amount has to be deposited in order to secure the charter.

4. What is not included in the price?

* VAT of 6, 5%, or 13% for daily charters, on the charter rates.

* Fuel consumption for the yacht

* Fuel for the tender and the water toys -if any-.

* Food, soft and hard drinks for the guests.

* Communication expenses and canal fees -if any-.

* Private Marina fees, local taxes and agents' expenses outside Greek waters - if any-.

* Whatever expense is not included in the above paragraph.

* The amount of A.P.A. (Advance Provisioning Allowance) which is estimated to be the 25% - 30% of the total charter fee and covers all the above expenses.

* Hire of special equipment at the request of the Charter.

* Gratuity for the crew usually 5% to 15% of the total charter fee, upon discretion and optional, is not obligatory.

5. What is included in the price?

* The Yacht

* Yacht and passengers' insurance (Marine insurance of the yacht as well as Owner's insurance of the crew for third party liabilities.)

* Crew / crew's food and salaries.

* Harbor and marina fees within Greece.

* Ship's laundry.

6. Should I have travel insurance?

As with any vacations, we strongly recommend that your sailing trip be insured against any unforeseen circumstances.

7. Are the yachts insured?

All yachts are insured against damage to the hull, machinery and/or equipment. Third party liability is also covered. Nevertheless, personal accidents while on board are not covered and client has to arrange extra for this kind of coverage.

8. Are the yachts equipped with safety equipment?

All yachts are equipped with safety belts, life jackets, flares etc.

9. In which areas can I charter a yacht from?

You can charter a yacht from the following destinations:

  • Greece
  • Turkey
  • Croatia
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain

10. What should I bring with me?

Luggage It is better to travel with flexible, soft, foldable luggage. Avoid large, boxy suitcases.

Sunglasses At least two pairs of sunglasses with neck chain to avoid loss.

Skin protection The sun in Greece is especially strong, and therefore a good sunscreen or blocking lotion or cream is necessary. Avoid oily, greasy applications, which are slippery and pose a danger on board. To continue your protection, bring with you after sun lotions or skin softeners.

Medication Prescription or other medications should be brought in quantities to last the duration of your vacation. A First Aid Kit is always available on board for use.

Clothing Casual comfortable clothes are best. Bring at least two bathing suits, T-shirts, shorts and lightweight cotton sweaters, jeans and shirts. In April and May and from mid-September through October, evenings and even days may be cool, so please bring a warm sweater or sweatshirt and a light jacket or windcheater. For entertaining and on-shore dining and dancing, you may wish to have an easy-care dress- up outfit with you.

Head protection For protection against sunstrokes of prolonged exposure to the sun, a hat, cap or scarf is most important.

Footwear Soft or rubber white soled footwear or boat shoes are a must. Wear standard shoes for on-shore use only.

11. I understand that a tip is expected. Can you give us an idea on how much we should tip and how?

The crew's gratuity is usually 5% to 15% of the total charter fee, upon discretion and optional, should you feel satisfied with the level of service received on board. We recommend that any gratuity be handed to the captain to distribute fairly among all members of the crew.

12. Will my privacy be respected while on board?

Professional crews are experienced with entertaining the yacht's owner and guests, celebrities and prominent officials. They are trained to be discreet and give you as much privacy as you desire. They will maintain a low profile.

13. How do my friends, family and business colleagues reach me during the cruise?

Most vessels are equipped with the latest communication equipment including cellular service, global satellite telecommunications, personal computers and fax machines. You might also choose to bring your laptop for personal use of e-mail service.

14. Does the yacht have laundry facilities?

Almost all large yachts have fully-equipped laundry facilities on board for the stewards to handle a large amount of linen and crew uniforms. Few yachts carry the guest's laundry, however, many crews are willing to take your laundry to the professionals ashore.

15. Will I experience seasickness?

This situation is hard to predict. In fact, you may be the best judge based on previous experience. If you are worried about seasickness, check with your local pharmacist for special medication before you leave home. If you are new to yacht chartering, let the crew know: they will make your trip as comfortable as possible by recommending routes in protected waters and keeping tabs on changing weather conditions.

16. Who plans the menus?

Your personal chef will prepare the menu to meet your requests. Your broker will send you a food preference sheet in order to indicate your favourite food and beverages. Luxury yachts are home to many of the best-trained culinary artists! Your chef will usually provide a sample menu of the yacht's cuisine. Chefs take great pride in their dishes and try to use the freshest ingredients available. It is critical to know of any allergies or serious aversions in advance.

17. Do I need to carry my passport?

Yes, all quests must carry valid passports even if the charter takes place entirely within the jurisdiction of the country where you embark. Visas, if applicable, are the responsibility of the charter and must be secured in advance of the charter. If you are not certain, your charter broker will direct you to the proper authorities.

18. Can I bring my pet on board?

Yachts do not permit guests to bring pets on board for several reasons. The crew is required to maintain rigid hygiene standards for all their guests and there is a potential of allergic reactions from animals remaining on board. Animals are typically not accustomed to the strict confinement of a ship and an active cruising itinerary can be quite uncomfortable for pets. However, your broker will be at your disposal for any discussion on this.

19. Can I map out our own Itinerary?

Of course you can map out your preferences. The most important advice is not to plan an itinerary that is too ambitious. What might seem great on paper, may, in fact, restrict your enjoyment. Trying to fit too much into each day, will result in missing many delights en route. Just present your preferences to your captain and he will do his best to make it happen. Winds, weather and mood may affect plans, so plan to be flexible. Your captain will also suggest an itinerary, but you're not locked into a program and are free to get away from the route. In all cases, the captain, as an expert will decide for the best.

20. Is smoking allowed on yachts?

For safety reasons, mainly, the prevention of fire and additionally in order to keep the interior clean, smoking is not allowed at the cabins but only in deck areas, at the dining room & day areas.

21. Are credit cards accepted on the islands?

Most major credit cards are accepted on the islands except in bars and some restaurants. Most of the islands do have ATM machines.

22. What kind of additional services do you offer?

We are able to offer the following services if requested, with an additional cost:

· Private Jets

· Helicopter Hire

· Exclusive Villas

· Royal Suites & High class rooms among the most prestigious hotels

· Chauffeur Transport Services

· VIP transport from highly trained personnel

· Yacht Supplies

23. How do I get supplies and can I find supplies?

Organize your supplies in advance simply by sending us your requirement supply list two weeks prior to your charter departure. The goods will be delivered directly to your boat.

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